Pay it Forward

Help us reduce piracy by paying it forward to help someone who can’t afford to buy the film themselves. Gift a full film for us to give to someone or give whatever you can. Thanks for supporting LGBTQ women’s films!

Gift the Film (not to a specific person)

Please use this option to donate to the gifting fund, not to gift to a specific person. If you donate copies here they will be given away by Tello Films to people who can’t afford to buy or rent the film.

Gift 1 copy of Season of Love

Gift 2 copies of Season of Love

Gift the Film (to a specific person)

If you want to gift a copy of the form to a specific person please use the buy/rent link and select the “gift this” option.

If you wish to gift multiple copies to multiple people please use the make a donation button below to donate the full amount and tell us who to send copies to. (Vimeo doesn’t like the same card being used on multiple orders and may kick back your order if you try to use the “gift” option multiple times with the same credit card)

Make a Donation

Pay it forward with any amount – big or small! Thank you for your support and for sharing the holiday spirit and LGBTQ content with our community!

Season of Love